The ALA SMALTO lines are the best range of products for traditional wood burning stoves and fireplaces.
The careful selection of raw materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies are at the base of the production chain and each item ensures maximum durability and performance over times ALA SMALTO products are made entirely of porcelain steel and TERM® technology.
The enamelling covers and protects the smoke channel not only externally, but also internally along its entire length, guaranteeing its total inalterability both in terms of structure and aesthetics. All items are CE Certificates according to UNI EN 1856-2, UNI EN 1443 with pressure class N1, T600 temperature resistance and maximum corrosion resistance class, V2. “Intact even after several years of intensive use.” 

ALA SMALTO is available in three versions: classic, aeternum and top.

ALA SMALTO classic:
it includes the most traditional smoke channels, crimped, always chosen as the perfect match for the wood stoves.
The classic line offers a wide range of elements, suitable for every need and in many chromatic varieties to choose from. 

ALA SMALTO aeternum:
thicker smoke ducts, made with the innovative GASTOP® assembly system and laser welded. The TERM® coating technique in one body in steel and enamel for articles of extraordinary duration. 10-year warranty against perforation corrosion.

smoke channels at the top of aesthetics and performance. The top line guarantees the Premium Italian Quality style of the classic and aeternum lines, combining it with an essential design with elegant and imperceptible finishes, extremely modern. 10-year warranty against perforation corrosion.

Premium Italian Quality, value and foundation of all our products. 

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