Our ALA FLEX lines are born in response to the growing demand for advanced solutions in the transport of AIR, to convey flows from one environment to another or from the outside to the inside, both in the ventilation and in the suction phase.
ALA FLEX, in fact, is a range of flexible pipes made of 99.9% aluminum alloy, very light, ductile and easy to handle, able to convey and transport air coming from heat generators, fume extraction systems, air conditioning , ventilation and heating (hot air).
The ALA FLEX articles guarantee exceptional performance and are available in the Single Wall version and in the innovative ISOLAIR® Double Wall and Double Wall versions.
In particular, ISOLAIR® articles are obtained thanks to the use of ISOLAX®, an ultra-thin, ultra-thin and lightweight material used to insulate the entire duct.
The creation and development of this material is one of the flagships in terms of research and refinement of our products and allows levels of containment of heat dispersion, until recently unexpected.
The M1 fire reaction class and the usage temperature at 200-250° C maximum, characterize each of our articles to guarantee safety, resistance and high performance.
ALA FLEX is available in the following versions: MP, DP standard and DP ISOLAIR®.

ALA FLEX MP (single wall):
these are flexible and extensible ducts, obtained through the helical winding of an aluminum profile which makes these articles non-combustible, resistant and particularly suitable for systems for the suction of welding, dust, air conditioning and ventilation, and hot air that cold.

ALA FLEX DP (double wall):
the double wall flexible ducts are particularly suitable for the distribution of hot air inside domestic environments. Made of multiple layers of aluminum and insulating material.

The STANDARD version (aluminum / aluminum) offers ducts with an all-metal structure for high mechanical strength, perfect tightness and minimum pressure drop.

The ISOLAIR® version (aluminum / ISOLAX® / aluminum) adds to the previous version an intermediate layer of ISOLAX® which perfects yields and reduces heat dispersion throughout the entire air distribution network.

Premium Italian Quality, value and foundation of all our products. 

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