The attention and increasing sensitivity to consumption, emissions control and plant safety have led to a substantial re-evaluation of the importance of the flue pipe as a key element of the heating system.
The smoke ducts/ chimney / chimney system plays a fundamental role in terms of energy saving, health, ecology and safety.

The range of GAS products has made these objectives its values ​​and, thanks to the quality of the materials and innovative assembly and construction techniques, provides designers, installers and end users with the ideal tool for the construction of evacuation systems. of fumes, ensuring optimal results both in functional and aesthetic terms.
All the items of the ALA INOX lines are extremely resistant, made of stainless steel and compatible with the evacuation of fumes deriving from the combustion of methane, LPG, diesel and wood.
They are available in the Mono Wall and Double Wall versions, and can be installed either in the traditional way inside the technical or visible cavity.

All the items are CE certified according to the 1856-2: 2009 standards with pressure class P1 / N1, resistance to temperature T200 / T600, according to the applications, corrosion resistance class V2 according to EN 1856-1/2: 2009 and subsequent updates.

ALA INOX is proposed in three lines: ALA INOX MP, ALA INOX DP, ALA INOX DP Flexible.

ALA INOX MP (single wall):
includes a wide range of modular system items with a cylindrical section and offers solutions suitable for every need. The safety and simplicity of assembly are guaranteed by a special, heat-resistant, triple-lip SILICONE SEAL inserted in the special seat in each element equipped with a "male-female" type coupling.

ALA INOX DP (double wall):
it achieves exceptional performance in the containment of thermal dispersion, thanks to the insertion of an intermediate layer of high density rock wool, between the two steel walls that make up the chimney system. Each element is equipped with a "male-female" connection with a special seat for the insertion of a silicone gasket, heat-resistant, with a triple lip (optional). The union of each component is guaranteed by a special clip-on hose clamp with safety hook already included in each element.

ALA INOX DP flexible (Double wall flexible):
is the line of flexible accessories made of double-wall steel, corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside. Each element is compatible with both the ALA INOX Double wall and the ALA INOX Single Wall articles, thus allowing the creation of mixed systems.
The hose line is used for the intubations of old masonry chimneys or technical slots in the presence of a displacement of the flue axis.

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