The Poujoulat Group is the leader in Europe of metal chimney systems and metal pre-fabricated chimney stacks. All Poujoulat systems have been studied and CERIC laboratory-tested and enjoy undisputed merit in the panorama of the systems for the evacuation of fumes, thanks to the technical virtues and cutting-edge technologies that distinguish them.

For several years the Poujoulat Group has formed a very successful alliance with ALA Spa. The identity of values, such as innovation and quality, and the indisputable technical skills, have led the two companies to a close collaboration, to offer a wide range of diversified, safe, efficient solutions with exceptional performances.

The Premium Italian Quality of ALA Spa could not leave out the pleasant partnership with this main character of the sector, so much so as to form with the Poujoulat Group an indissoluble unicum for healthy growth and continuous renewal. 

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