Dear Customer,
First of all we congratulate You on your choice of one ALA product.
At the time of the purchase of his new smoke duct, ALA doesn't think to give you only a smoke duct to evacuate the smokes of your heat generator, but also to supply the

         “10 years ALA Guarantee" against perforation corrosion.

Since 50 years, ALA has been on the Italian and foreign market through continuous research carried out and the growing recognition on the part of users of our products.
In order to make clear the results from our research and the excellent results achieved technological and quality, ALA to begin this year, WARRANT FOR 10 YEARS, on a voluntary basis , the “AETERNUM” products against damage that may increase the incidence PERFORATION CORROSION.
It is a single guarantee for its genre and for the sector in which it is applied, and that ALA is able to extend thanks to the high technological level of the enamelling coating called TERM ®.
Thanks to this exclusive technology allows to apply to metal the coating enamels, highly performing, both externally and internally.
With this application, even inside, the flue system have much more resistant to corrosion. Exclusively due to the TERM® coating, we can afford to give to our customer, a large extent of the guarantee.
The product has guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase certified by the invoice, cash voucher or receipted bill, issued at the time of purchase by his trusted seller.

Cases in which the guarantee is not applicable


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